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Here´s how the story began

In a study visit to Germany in 1909 Paul E Paulson realized that Stockholm
needed an authentic German Bierstube and back home he found a suitable
local on Jakopsgatan 20 of Klara where Paul opened the restaurant Löwenbräu.

The very first day of opening Paul served German and Swedish beer from the prestigious Beyern Löwenbräu brewery. Along with the beer German and
Swedish home cooking was served.

When the old Klara district was demolished we moved in 1970 to our current
location in Fridhemsplan, Stockholm.

We have over the years maintained our German Bierstube atmosphere and our
hundred years standing Lunch Menu:

  •          Mondays
  • Herring buns with Corinth sauce
    0r fried salt herring with onion sauce
  •          Tuesdays
  • Thin owenmade pancakes whit pork
  •          Wednesdays
  • Pork shoulder with root puree
  •          Thursdays
  • Pea soup and pancakes
  •            Fridays
  • Swedish potatocakes (Raggmunk) with pork

We complement our standing lunchmenu dishes with contemporary lunch menu.

We at Löwenbräu wish you warmly Welcome!